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Arizona Hops Head Sampler

Arizona Hops Head Sampler

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Dive into the vibrant and hop-forward world of Arizona craft beer with our Arizona Hops Head Sampler Bundle—an exhilarating collection curated by the hop maestro, Brian, at JesseLee's Craft Beer Market. This weekly bundle celebrates the best hops that Arizona breweries have to offer, featuring a rotating selection of IPAs that showcase the diverse and bold flavors of the region.

What's Inside:

  1. Curated by Brian at JesseLee's Craft Beer Market: Trust the expertise of Brian as he handpicks the top IPAs from renowned Arizona breweries. Each week, the Arizona Hops Head Sampler Bundle unveils a new selection, ensuring a fresh and exciting tasting experience curated by a true craft beer aficionado.

  2. Rotating Selection from Premier Breweries: Immerse yourself in the hoppy delights crafted by Arizona's premier breweries. The bundle features IPAs from brewing luminaries such as Wren House, Tombstone, Arizona Wilderness, Dark Sky, and more. Experience the creativity and mastery of these breweries with every sip.

  3. Four Varieties of AZ IPA Hops Beer: Uncover the hop profiles that define Arizona's craft beer scene. The bundle includes four distinct varieties of AZ IPA hops beer, each carefully chosen to represent the unique brewing styles and flavor nuances of the Southwest.

  4. Two 16 oz Cans per Variety: Enjoy the full hop-forward experience with each variety presented in two 16 oz cans. The cans showcase the distinctive artwork of the region's best local breweries, adding an extra layer of appreciation to your craft beer exploration.

Please Note: The price of the Arizona Hops Head Sampler Bundle is subject to change based on the availability of brews and seasonality. Embrace the dynamic world of hops and craft beer with this curated selection, designed for those who crave the bold and the unique. Order your bundle today and let the flavors of Arizona's hops take center stage in your craft beer journey. Cheers to the hop enthusiasts and the spirited explorers of bold brews!




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