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Arizona Craft Beer Sampler

Arizona Craft Beer Sampler

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Embrace the rich and diverse craft beer scene of Arizona with our Arizona Brew Sampler Bundle—a dynamic collection that brings the flavors of the state's top breweries straight to your doorstep. Each week, our expert curation unveils a rotating selection of locally brewed beers, featuring the best offerings from renowned establishments like Wren House, Tombstone, Arizona Wilderness, Dark Sky, and more.

What's Inside:

  1. Hop Chowda - Hazy IPA by Goldwater Brewing: Immerse yourself in the hoppy goodness of Goldwater Brewing's Hop Chowda. This Hazy IPA is a sensory delight, boasting a cloudy pour and bursting with tropical and citrus notes. The 16 oz cans feature unique artwork that mirrors the bold character of this craft brew.

  2. Valley Beer - American Lager by Wren House Brewing: Enjoy the crisp and clean taste of Wren House Brewing's Valley Beer. This American Lager is a refreshing choice, perfect for any occasion. With two 16 oz cans adorned with distinctive artwork, Valley Beer embodies the spirit of easy-drinking perfection.

  3. Buck Nutty - Brown Ale by Tombstone Brewing: Delight in the rich and nutty flavors of Tombstone Brewing's Buck Nutty. This Brown Ale is a comforting brew that combines malt sweetness with a touch of roasted nuts. The 16 oz cans feature eye-catching artwork that reflects the warmth and depth of the ale within.

  4. Cactus Juice - Prickly Pear Sour by AZ Wilderness Brewing: Experience the unique taste of the desert with AZ Wilderness Brewing's Cactus Juice. This Prickly Pear Sour offers a delightful blend of tartness and sweetness, capturing the essence of Arizona. The two 16 oz cans showcase vibrant artwork that mirrors the bold and refreshing character of this sour ale.

A Rotating Selection for Every Palate: Our Arizona Brew Sampler Bundle ensures you get a taste of the best brews Arizona has to offer. With four varieties of craft beer in each bundle, you'll embark on a flavor journey guided by the creativity and passion of local breweries.

Please Note: The price and selected variants are subject to change based on the availability of brews and seasonality. Embrace the variety and essence of Arizona's craft beer scene with our Arizona Brew Sampler Bundle. Order now and let the flavors of the desert pour into your glass. Cheers to local brews and memorable moments!




Please drink responsibly. 

WARNING: Drinking distilled spirits, beer, coolers, wine, and other alcoholic beverages may increase cancer risk and, during pregnancy, can cause birth defects.

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