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Deep Dive Raw Cacao Basket

Deep Dive Raw Cacao Basket

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The Deep Dive Cacao Package

Our richest, most earthy experience keeping cacao close to the heart, we will provide you with unsweetened raw cacao ground in Sedona with the loving hands of Luis Armando Choco o, your Mayan middleman at the helm. Nibs, maple-sweetened beans for snacking, and a box of herbal and rich health bomb chocolates are added for your delight and grounding. Sink into the heart-opening effects of theobromine as it pleads forth serotonin, oxytocin, and anandamide (the bliss molecule) production from the body. Make a hot drink at home and add nibs to smoothies or barbeque rub! You might love our Cacao Conversation Class, where we go deeper and even try the fresh cacao fruit.


Join us for an incredibly unique experience in chocolate from Living Chocolate Sedona.  Culinary artists at Living Chocolate create handmade treats from direct purchases of Belizean and Ecuadorian cacao for your heart-opening pleasure. All varieties are raw and honey-sweetened, organic, health-based, and made with love. Visit them for the ceremonial drinks, golden milk, frozen desserts, retail raw cacao shopping, and casual seating. Please ask us about our weekly Cacao Conversation classes.


Best enjoyed at room temperature and stored in the refrigerator.

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